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Hello! I am horrible with words, so I will mostly post photographs from our recent trip out West. I had a wedding to shoot in Sedona, AZ & we had some vacation time to explore places we have always wanted to go & it was amazing! We took 2 weeks & explored 4 National Parks in three states, Utah, Arizona & California. Our first stop we adventured down Antelope Canyon, Horseshoe Bend & The Grand Canyon. It was a very busy day with our one year old on our back, but it was a vacation we will never regret or never forget. We toured with Ken's lower antelope tour & they were amazing & educated us on the canyons. Our tour guide was so fun & educated us on the canyons.

See that little crack to the right? That's what we had to walk down to get into the lower antelope canyons. (They had steal stairs to go up & down) Our next stop was Horseshoe Bend, which is literally ONLY 5-8 miles up the road. This is a hidden gem & CAN'T miss if you will be visiting Antelope Canyon.

Our backpack to carry Isla is from REI & its literally one of the BEST inventions ever. Its SO light! MUST have if traveling, backpacking or hiking with a little one. The next day we drove to Moab, Utah for two nights. Again, so incredible. We visited Arches National Park and Canyon Lands.

I wish I could go back in time & experience every historical event that took place in Moab, it's so interesting! It's very secluded there, so it was a nice break from the "world" & just enjoy the family & scenery. Our next stop was Sedona, Az, the drive was a long, but we made it through :) (Head to my gallery to sneak through some of my favorite shots from the wedding I photographed) On our way to AZ, we drove through Monument Valley, it was beautiful! If you're ever in Sedona, check out Slide Park & Cathedral Rocks.

Our last week on vacation we spent in San Diego, Palm Springs & Joshua Tree. Those three spots were probably are favorite and we can't wait to go back someday! I have been in love with seals since I was probably 2.... not kidding, of my school reports would be about them! HA. So while in San Diego, our Airbnb was right on La Jolla Beach, home of SO many beautiful sea lions. Isla enjoyed them so much, she made me so proud! :) Here's a few of my favorite pictures from Seal Rock, La Jolla.

So, we ended up going the DonutBar in downtown San Diego & it was worth the wait in line, so so good! On our way to Joshua Tree, we stayed one night in Palm Springs. We should of stayed longer, it was SO amazing! Home of (Isla's favorite) Frank Sintra. We stayed at the Best Western, which was really nice & perfect since we were only there to swim & sleep.

Isla had a blast running around the hotel, she is turning into such a little toddler! Makes our hearts melt! On to Joshua Tree, so cool! We stayed at the coolest Airbnb, it was so inspiring to stay there! Here's a few favorites from our time there!

It was so wonderful to watch Isla run "free" through the desert. She had so much fun, we might have teared up a little watching how cute she looked. The Airbnb had an amazing record player, which we enjoyed & enjoyed watching Trent dance.. HA it was wonderful! Highly recommended! we ventured through Joshua Tree National Park, which was so incredible! I used my Canon 6d, 5d & iPhone to photograph our trip. If you made it through, thank you! :) Email me with any questions!

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